Wednesday, 26 August 2009

How to DJ

To truly understand “How to DJ” there are some key learning stages that need to be studied and rehearsed before any budding DJ is ready to move on and blast the audience with their unique and individual mixing style.

Knowing how to DJ goes beyond simply buying a mixing deck and amp and then attempting to cut it up. There are some definite basics that if learnt properly, they will give you the edge when applying your art. The more time you spend learning and applying these basics the better your skills will grow which will result in a much better DJ experience both for you and the audience that are sampling your sound!!

It doesn’t matter if your ambition is to DJ at weddings or to DJ at pubs and clubs. If done properly you are sure to please the people that this most matters to, the paying public or the landlord/club owner who is paying the bills. Get it wrong and the chances are that the venue organizer will not only refuse to pay you for your time but they may also damage your reputation with other event organizers by advising them to steer clear and recommend an alternative DJ source.

For any DJ there has to be a starting point. Throughout this site we will give you the key stages that you need if you want to succeed as a DJ!!

From this page you can access any of the links that are relevant to becoming a DJ. We have worked hard to create each article in a logical flow format so that once you have read, understood and applied the theory from one article you can then successfully move to the next article and begin your learning again.

Within the content of this site you will find the following articles:

Learn how to DJThe very basics in becoming a DJ and how and what is needed to become a DJ.

DJ EquipmentKnowing what equipment to buy is essential for the ultimate DJ experience. Within this article we will also be giving reference to live reviews so that you can make some practical informed choices that are based on pure fact. This will hopefully save you time and money.

DJ MixDJ Mixing is a very important step in becoming a successful DJ and knowing how to DJ. The DJ Mix section will include tested theory from experienced DJ’s and a growing video collection that will keep you up to date with the latest trends that the pro’s are using in the clubs of today.

DJ Software There are many DJ’s that are becoming more and more reliant on DJ Software for their DJ needs. We will attempt to cut through the hype surrounding the latest software and give you vital and informative information so that you can make the best decision for your DJ needs. This section will also include tutorial videos so that you can learn how to best use the DJ Software that is out on the general market.

Mobile DJLooking to become a mobile DJ? Here we will give you many useful tips in terms of setting up a mobile DJ business and then marketing your mobile DJ business.

Club DJMaybe you have moved up from a mobile DJ and you need to stake your claim and have people following your individual style. This section will provide you with hints and tips on what are the best steps to take if you want to become a Club DJ.

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